Desktop Wallpaper Auto-Change

Desktop Wallpaper Auto-Change 1.4

This is a tool that can change Desktop wallpaper on time
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Program Ape Studio

Desktop Wallpaper Auto-Change is a tool that can change Desktop wallpaper on time. When you run it firstly, you should set the Image Path and Time-span then click [Save Setting] button, then click [Run] button.
This application will be minimized, and the process begin. When tick , the Desktop Wallpaper will be replaced by a random image. If you want to show the application window, you should mouse click the Tray icon on the task bar, then the application window will should and the wallpaper change process will be stop. You can let this application run with windows systemby check [Auto-Run when Windows Start]. Under windows 7, you should run this application with Administrator accout, then do this setting.

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